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The Moving Process

Quotes and Estimates
The moving process can be quite pleasurable especially if you understand the various steps that need to be taken prior to and during the actual date of moving. The moving process usually begins with adequate preparation. The first step that you will be required to take is to call up a moving company for quotes and estimates.

Importance of Quotes
The quotes will enable you to determine various factors including the cost of the moving, the type of service that is offered by the moving company and the requirements that are needed by the moving company prior to the date of moving.

Select a Moving Company
Having determined the quotes and estimates that are offered by the moving company, you will need to select a moving company that will help you to move your items. It will be important to base your selection on the professionalism of the company and past reviews which you may find online. You will then need to sort the items that you will require when moving and those that you will need to dispose off. Next, purchase carton boxes that you will use to pack the items to be moved.

Donate Items
If you have items that may not be of any use in your new found location, kindly donate this to charity homes and organizations before the day of moving. You should also consider carrying out a car boot sale for these.

Seek Services of Professionals
By this time you should have already known where you are going to be living hence this will be the perfect time to plan how you are going to arrange your items in the new home. It is advisable for you to seek the services of professionals such as interior designers who will be able to come up with a sketch plan for your home arrangements.

Come Up with a Sketch Plan
If you cannot afford their services of a professional or if you generally prefer arranging your new home by yourself, then come up with the sketch plan but ensure that it incorporates all the items that you will be moving.

Arrange Storage Facilities
If you had not already scheduled pick up and delivery dates with your moving company, this will be the best time to do so. Also arrange storage facilities if necessary. If you have precious items such as expensive jewelries, antiques and ornaments, obtain insurance for these and make your travel arrangements.
Send Change of Address to Friends and Families
Since you will be changing your addresses when you move, this will also be the best time to send out the new change of addresses to friends, relatives and families. Organize to take back your personal records from your doctors, lawyers, mechanics or any other professional that you might have been dealing with prior to your move.

Clear All your Pending Bills
Clear all pending bills with your utility suppliers and notify them of disconnect dates and your new address and physical location. If you are moving across states, plan where you are going to spend your night. Pack all the items that you will be carrying along and check through all the rooms in your former home to ensure that nothing is left behind. Pack your things in the moving truck and drive towards your wonderful new home!

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